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Buying a Car From CarMax? Read These Honest Customer Reviews First

Nice thing is you can have stuff transported from any of their sites, so you can get pretty much exactly what you want if you're willing to pay transit. CarMax does a lot with the community. Their car prices are higher than almost everyone else, and their trade-in offers are lower than almost everyone, but there is no haggle. Why must praise of friends be suspect? I would recommend anyone to work for CarMax!

Committed to social responsibility, CarMax's core values include customer focus, teamwork, communication, diversity, quality, fun, respect, pride, and continuous improvement. The company supports youth leadership, education, and healthy living through the CarMax Foundation's grants, gift-matching, and volunteerism.

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After wandering through the four-square, fishbowl wilderness, I pulled into my local CarMax. They located a bright red model in Houston. But your up-front transfer fee payment is toast. Within a short time, the answers are transmitted back. Once you decide to purchase said vehicle, financing is a simple process. You plug in your vital information on a computer, wait fifteen minutes, and choose which bank loan fits your needs best.

No fancy calculations, hidden fees or emotional games. CarMax describes their trade-in prices as fair, and many times they are. However, top dollar is not yours for the taking. Seems reasonable—until you realize Ford completely low-balled the offer with the full expectation of giving more on the trade to sweeten the deal. The Dodge Boys changed the numbers overnight. Clean as a whistle. Burbled like a dream. Did I pay more than I could have?

Did I get an exceptionally clean car and a decent offer on my trade? They charge a premium for the lack of aggro and peace of mind. Your Porsche purchase was as all car sales should be in the future. Is it worth the stress and several hours out of your day s? I wish all car purchases could go as the CarMax commercial. What do you mean you were looking for a car to take to Europe?

Do you mean export it to Europe and go on a roadtrip? That sounds quite costly. I have never bought new in Europe. How is the purchasing process? The purchasing process is the UK is quite straightforward.

I always use 3rd party brokers and pick up some great bargains. But one thing you can do in the UK Not, sure about the US is that if a dealer gives you hassle, you can complain to the maker. Since it was under warranty, the Honda dealer was messing us around, trying to fob us off.

Curiously, the only time they could fix it was either:. My sibling heard about this and got involved. Honda asked the for name of the dealer and the name of the salesman. They, also, threw in a free valet service and a nominal discount if they bought another Honda within a year. If dealers give you bad service, one phone call to their head office is usually enough. Dealers are terrified when you get the HQ involved, since HQ have the power to revoke their franchise. Or, at least, not renew it at the end of the agreement.

Know of many good restaurants just outside the K-town area. My last purchase was at Carmax. When I saw it, I only counted four! That being said, I do completely understand that I probably paid more by going to Carmax than any place else.

But, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Could have I gotten more for the vehicles in a private sale? Sure, but who has time for that? I attempted to trade in the vehicles at various dealerships and got the standard low-ball offer, I knew the approx value from KBB so I rejected those offers and immediate went to CarMax to off load my ride.

Their inventory is easy to search online and the no haggle price makes everything very transparent. No monkey business… this is the price take it or leave it. Think through the unintended consequences: It may just be the area where I live but Carmax is way higher on used cars than other places. Sounds like a vacation compared to the customary car-buying experience.

I wished there was a CarMax in Canada. Katie, your advice to complain to the manufacturer is sound; in the U. Unfortunately, in the United States it is extremely difficult for the manufacturer to threaten to pull a franchise agreement with a dealer, as state laws usually are written to protect the local dealer.

When I was car shopping last year, the vans I was looking at were easily priced 3 to 4 grand over what I could pay at a conventional dealership with a little bit of effort. CarMax is what everyone says they want. Their car prices are higher than almost everyone else, and their trade-in offers are lower than almost everyone, but there is no haggle. If you are not an eperienced buyer then you are unlikely to get completely screwed there although they do have a lot of stuff they try to upsell you on , and you will never get a worse price than any other CarMax buyer.

If you need to dump a used car fast, without dealing with all the ass-clowns on Craigslist or trying to out-do the dealer ads on Autotrader then CarMax is really good for that. CarMax will poorly respray a perfectly good body panel instead of touching up the rock chips, so watch out for really poorly painted body panels if you buy a car there. I looked at a G35 there and the hood was horribly painted with awful orange-peel and a not-quite-matching color.

I told the guy that the car must have been in an accident. He looked into it with the office and said that they just resprayed the hood because of some rock chips.

Yes, they could have been lying, but because the front bumper was painted perfect with some normal wear, and because off the accident guarantee, I doubt it.

But remember, CarMax may have resprayed it because of rock chips, but there is no way the next dealer will believe that when you trade the car in. That being said, I still will probably negotiate with the closest dealerships before making a final comparison to carmax. We have a neon that is nearing and it is bone stock reliable. No way to get into the trunk now.

Still deciding if we should fix it or not. Any further comments on the subject will be deleted. I went with a buddy a few years back to Carmax, a very nice experience. Smooth, quick as he wrote a check , and they gave him metal license plates on the spot. Another colleague just picked up an Odyssey Touring this past weekend, and liked the experience as well, thanks to detailed online inventory.

I usually stay away from CarMax. They charge such high premiums versus buying used. Plus most of my vehicles I trade in are higher mileage and they actually give me lower s than the dealer.

Excuse me while I throw my shoes at them. It sounds like CarMax is giving a lot of buyers what they want and is making a good profit at the same time. Saturn did well for a long time with that same philosophy. One thing people fear deeply is that someone is getting a better deal than they are. CarMax resolves that fear. I bought my first car out of college through CarMax, and the experience was pleasant enough that I went back two more times over the next few years. Not as easy as my most recent Honda purchase, but not bad, and definitely more consistent.

My trade in was a 04 IS, manual, nav, premium sound, etc, and I wanted a 1 year old TSX with auto transmission for my then pregnant wife.

I ended up selling the IS on my own for 2k over the Carmax offer, and got a new TSX at below invoice and holdback from a below average dealership with a scummy service dept. Probably still left some money on the table as it was Dec and they wanted to get rid of the cars, but not thousands worth. I would consider them again, but the price gap would have to come down quite a bit. I figured I spent about 10 to 15 hours and saved 2k on just the trade in car alone, for me, the hassle was worth it.

To my knowledge CarMax does not operate in Canada. There are no lemon laws. Official consumer protection is virtually non-existent. CAMVAP, the government sanctioned, manufacturer dominated, arbitration system is hopelessly inadequate. The car marketplace is a wild west show. Purchasers are on their own! In my view used car purchases contain too many unknowns and a large potential for excessive risk.

My best successes have resulted from a low cost buying club membership. Approved dealers carefully select, recondition and guarantee their wares. Special orders are acceptable. The club enforces the guarantee and will arbitrate disputes, though they are rare. The cars are as good as CPO cars at superior prices.

Transactions are haggle and bullshit free. In my experience purchasing a new car is far easier than buying used. All significant new car variables are obtainable and readily evaluated. I secure a firm quote from a broker, visit a couple of local dealers for a demonstration drive and to do a check price.

Otherwise the broker gets the deal. The staff was friendly, upfront, and answered all my questions. I have bought three cars from them over a ten year period and have gotten far better deals with them than at a dealer. I get to pick my color and options although I have to wait till the car I want becomes available.

I usually take my time and begin my search before I need to actually buy the car. I acquire my loan through the local credit union that is good for 90 days then start my search.

Each time it took about six weeks for me to find the car that I wanted at the price that I wanted but at the same time I checked against other dealers and its worth it to me.

The last two cars in my family have been new so I havent used them in the last five years but I know that in six years when I am ready I will do so. If your car is that cheap then you can probably sell it private party without too much hastle.

Someone is going to have more cash under their mattress for a working car than CarMax will offer you. Mark45 — There is a big difference between 42k miles and 70k miles.

Probably not and the discussion is not worth the effort to look it up. I still stand by the jist of my comment and the majority of folks here agree. Now if most car lots we like CarMax, might their price come down? Selling a car or Trade-in? I have limited experience with CarMax. I tried for months to sell it in a variety of ways, the only offer I got was a complete lowball that was quite unattractive. The experience was quite satisfying to say the least. Their used car prices to be mostly high.

Their trade-in offers to be mostly low. Their relatively quick buying experience to be nice. Their country-wide inventory to be pretty good. Their transfer fees to be somewhat high. I think, ultimately, they can be a decent value sometimes. Our minivan out in the drive wears a CarMax badge. Good trade-in better than book…it was a very low mileage car with a nice options list and we were only trading in because a child had a arrived , good service, even a playroom for the kids while we waited.

I had to take the car in for a warranty repair, and the service was prompt, courteous, and 7 years later still fixed. If staying eternally silent about your sponsors implies you are uncritical of their product, then why is speaking positively about them any worse? Why must praise of friends be suspect? This site and the comments are correct. I basically negotiated a better deal for my Subie. Carmax is the perfect location for those people and anyone else who is just tired of the old run around.

I would like you to reread those comments again. No one here is saying the dealer should not make any money off of sales. Just that the system of hide and seek to find the true prices involved make the process of buying a car into a contest between the buyer and the seller. Carmax is the place to go for no game. Could you play the game and win a better deal elsewhere, sure. Does everyone want to do that, no.

The first car I bought when my company transferred me to America was from Carmax. The price was fair but not a bargain but the service and experience were excellent. Even their extended warranties are OK — just as well as my E36 BMW developed some transmission problems after a couple of years and it ended up saving me money.

They also allow to you cash out the remainder of the warranty when you sell the car which I did. Again, another article on track. Not depressing, not pessimistic. Yes, you will pay more for a car at Carmax, but I despise dealers, and I despise negotiating with most people. Even cash can be counterfeit, stolen, or otherwise suspect. Sajeev, you really hit on the appeal of Carmax for even experienced shoppers.

To me Carmax is the convenience store of auto dealers. You can get what you want, the transaction will be easy and you pay a premium for it. Use them or not, but they have a place in the market. It adds up and dealers are more than happy to point that out.

It just occurred to me that I know this location in the picture! The Carmax at the angle of this picture is actually to the right…the next parking lot over. I am under the impression that the entire complex is owned by the same business entity, so the pic is partially right.

If so, I sat in it and hit my head on the way in. I was originally their for a i, but the asking price was too high. Thanks for pointing out the re-painting policy. I would try to find some thing on the local lot but I can see if you really wanted something specific you might want a transfer. I reached that point where I was tired of waiting for Audi to make up its mind on whether or not they were going to let me export the A3.

Ultimately, they would have had to let me export it, with the military clause and all, but by the time they figured that out, I decided a LS1 GTO capable of mph on the autobahn for half the price of an A3 was just the ticket. The buying of a used car is never an easy process or a new one for that matter.

Too many people have gotten duped with a lemon. If the place operates as they claim to, then it seems fine to perhaps charge slightly more, provided that all of the cars are fully functional. Phrases like point inspection sound great, but I would like a guarantee of some sort that the car runs well for a certain amount of time.

Of course that is hard to do as one never knows how the owner treats the car as to ascertain whether the problem was present before the purchase. I feel like everyone needs to have a mechanic they trust who can inspect the car themselves. Last time I bought a car, I used carfax.

I thought this was really useful. Maybe you could still do that with the cars for sale here. My father bought a car from another company and was told that it was only driven by a businessman who used it on the freeway to and from work yeah right.

Anyway, after I got a carfax report done, we found out it had been a rental car previously — the worst thing ever since people tend to be rough on rentals. Anyway, Carmax sounds interesting as does their 5-day window to change your mind. Does it Really Work? Does Trivago Really Work? Follow us on Youtube. Does CarMax Really Work? Does Planning Family Really Work?

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