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How to Start Work As a Freelance Paralegal

Now I work at another firm, part-time by choice 30 hours and had to take a big cut to do it, but it's working out fine. FAPA drafted proposed legislation to have paralegals regulated by the Dept. But I have had to draw upon my past work experiences quite a bit and from other classes I pursued in the areas of law I worked in since you need to keep on top of the current laws. To earn this certificate, you must complete at least 50 continuing legal education credit CLE hours within a five-year period in your law specialty of choice. In conclusion, if you love and respect the law and have a burning desire to help people -- this just may be were you want to be but forget about the family life -- not much is going to go on there. The more clients you have in your business portfolio, the more work you will have.

The Noble Law Firm is a technologically advanced law firm, leveraging digital capabilities to gain advantage for our Clients. We are happy to work with a remote paralegal as .

Top Cities for Paralegal Jobs

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What are the advantages of working as a freelance paralegal?

52 Work At Home Paralegal jobs available on Apply to Legal Assistant, Paralegal, Freelance Writer and more! Aug 24,  · A freelance paralegal, also called a contract paralegal, provides paralegal services to attorneys on a contract basis. Rather than work directly for attorneys, law firms or governmental organizations as an employee on payroll, freelance paralegals work as independent contractors. Flexible & Telecommuting Paralegal Jobs Welcome to our Paralegal telecommuting jobs! Telecommuting jobs in paralegal work is becoming more plentiful as legal firms struggle to keep the costs of operations down and process legal cases faster.