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You will receive a weekly stipend every Sunday at noon. There's a part where is the objects that increase the skills, I cannot remember the name. It is one of the harder careers to level for this reason, and provides less money per day in salary than certain other Careers. Though each base camp is different they all give you a decent place to sleep. Do you know if it does this every time?

(assuming you dont count things like painting/writing after work hours) Yeah, I got to level 7 or 8 in the Start-Up branch and it transformed my Sim into a hipster so I stopped playing it any further.

Internet Personality Branch

Aside from the tasks you're given, you have total control and can use the time to skill up or else work on career promotion requirements. The initial ideal mood is Playful. Since the skill requirements for these first 3 levels are not very difficult, consider which branch you will take so that you can begin to raise the skills you'll need. This will smooth out the promotion process and make it a little less likely you're stalled on one level for a long time.

The ideal mood for this branch is Playful. The most significant difficulty here is obtaining followers, but thankfully you are given many means to do so - knowing you need many more for each level should help.

The Prank Streamers under social networking and Let's Play under Play Games on Computer contribute substantially more followers than other means of social networking - pranking in particular contributing hundreds of thousands when it goes well, though it does have a cooldown. You need to play games for a few hours in order to gain followers, it tells you how many you've gained when you stop playing. It is one of the harder careers to level for this reason, and provides less money per day in salary than certain other Careers.

It makes up for this, big time, with the abilities you unlock as you level. As in reality, you can sell out when you have a huge social media following, by advertising products. Doing so can net you well over 1k Simoleons I got for the major product, and several hundred for a minor product. However, you lose followers when you do this. The Internet Personality gets a major edge over the PR Branch of this Career due to its ability to recover followers rapidly. The income generation helps this career to surpass others, and it is arguably one of the best-paying as you can earn money on demand, then recover followers.

Your new daily task, Network with Journalists, is found on the computer. Given the need to get up to 10, Followers on social media, you should be working on this even on levels where it is not required. Just a post here and there will do. The more followers you get, the more you'll gain as they help you to market your profile.

It gives more followers than the usual computer interactions, but does feature a cooldown. As a reward for your work, you gain the ability to persuade Sims to do things. It unfortunately has a cooldown, but can be fun to use for your own entertainment.

Sims will decline if you just walk up to them and tell them what to do, though mood and the friendship bar seemingly have an impact on success rates. Another unique ability is 'Represent' found on its own tab on the computer. This will let you give other Sims a career performance boost! Just as with the Internet Personality branch, you can make significant money by advertising products and earn money on demand. However, you will lose followers and do not have a means of getting tens of thousands of them at once with this branch.

However if you build them up, you'll get a bit more from a single action and will be able to recover what was lost after a couple of days. Note the bouncing between Writing and Charisma, with the latter being the most difficult aspect of leveling this Career.

Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. We are not affiliated with EA and cannot make changes to the game, nor fix bugs. I'm taking feedback seriously, improving recording and sound quality and other issues with my video guides.

Why do i need to buy the sims 3 for the sims 3 ambition expansion pack.? Which do you prefer? Sims 3 Late Night or Sims 3 Ambitions? Sims 3 ambitions ipod touch help?!? Is sims 3 ambitions worth buying? Answer Questions Why do multiplayer fps games have pistols? Does the Tomb Raider 1 Installer? Why is minecraft so cute? How can I make the 24 hour challenge more challenging and fun? If someone were to play only with the goal of making money, the game wouldn't be very fun.

You should be thinking, "OK, I want to play a Sim that's got the bookworm trait. What's a good way for him to make money". If you just want to play an honest rich Sim, who gets easy money without a career or cheats, play an artist , or Sculptor if you own Ambitions. Maybe self-employment just isn't for your Sims, and you'd like to see a career-money comparison.

If you do want to know which career makes the most money, look to my Career Paths List A-L and Career Paths List M-Z for comparisons of the level 10 jobs' money making potential and career rewards in each career track. You may find you don't want the one that makes the most money, but one that works certain days or makes more in fewer hours.

This can be a fun way to make money, as you never know what valuable item your Sim is going to find. To get started collecting, look around the town for items lying on the ground. They can be space rocks, metals or gems.

Look for movement, because Sims can also collect two types of insects: The Collection helper lifetime reward can be a huge help to make collecting profitable. Sims will be able to see the location of every gem or insect on the map. Still, if your Sim finds a good spot and you don't have the collection helper, make note of where you found your collectible because they tend to spawn in the same locations.

Explore Catacombs Under the Graveyard This is actually a poor way to make money, but I'm including it because it is viable. In the local graveyard is a mausoleum. Sims can explore the catacombs under the mausoleum and will sometimes find objects that can be sold, such as valuable books, Mysterious Mr. I tried to make a Sim who relied entirely on exploring the catacombs to make money, but it didn't go over very wel.

Every trip to the catacombs will result in your Sim coming out horrified by something that happened to them. It's usually the zombie bears that get them. Because of this, on some days when exploring, your Sim will come out completely empty-handed. No traits seem to help with this mini-game. They won't require any special investment to get started either, so Sims can go out and start catching fish on the first day.

As the skill level gets higher, Sims will be able to catch more rare and valuable fish. Fishing Sims can make a ton of money: Read my Fishing Guide for more information. Note that the Simoleons earned gets better as you have more perfect angel fish as bait and get better at catching these over time. You can eventually spawn a pond with 10 death fish to have access to them at any hours.

Gardening - Satisfaction from the Earth Gardening is an awesome, if time-consuming way to make money in the Sims 3. It's a really neat system of gardening where your Sim can gradually evolve better quality versions of plants for replanting. Plants can be sold for a hefty profit when your Sim has a garden full of perfect fruits and vegetables. Check out the Gardening Guide for more information.

At the fifth level in the guitar skill, Sims can begin playing guitar for tips. Do this in the park where they'll usually be able to gather a nice crowd. Tips come in slowly at first, and will never reach a very high level. Still, this Sim makes enough cash to enjoy life. Playing guitar is also a great way to make friends, so musicians can accomplish two goals at once.

Read my Guitar Guide. For anyone who played Command and Conquer Generals back in the day, it reminds me of the Chinese faction's hacker unit. Sims will sit at the computer and gradually bring in little chunks of cash. These chunks get bigger and bigger as the Sim gets better at hacking. To be a hacker, Sims must possess the Computer Whiz trait. To hack, they'll need a computer. The option to hack will only appear at night time between the hours of 9PM and 7AM.

Logic skill seems to help, perhaps in combination with the total time they've spent hacking. It's a cool new skill that allows you to make widgets for decorating homes and selling , harvesters to help with gathering crops and picking up collectibles, time machines to travel to the future or past, and maybe find new treasure or clothes.

They can also drill into the earth, and while annoying to neighbors, life fruit , pink diamonds and palladium can be found there to help make a SimBot.

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I like the idea of working from home. As my sims do not got to work so to say, 26 generations and no one ever worked, they sell their painting, writings, gardening, collecting things. It would be nice if they could do other work from home too. I hated sims going to work, and you spent the rest of the time waiting for the to come home. Aug 01,  · In sims 3 how do I work from home? It just came up in his wishes and I don't know how. Help if you can, thanks Rating Newest Oldest. Best Answer: hi i have the sims 3 aswell do you think it's better than sims 2? anyway what you do is click on pc/laptop and there should be a tag that says work at home and just click Status: Resolved. Workaholic is a lifestyle trait from The Sims 3. It's first available for children. It's first available for children. Workaholics love to work and rarely become stressed from working.