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Who is eligible for Carers' leave? This method makes provision that the annual leave may be calculated on the basis of one hour of annual leave on full remuneration for every 17 hours on which the employee worked, or was entitled to be paid, or it can be calculated on the basis of one day annual leave on full remuneration for every 17 days on which the employee worked or was entitled to be paid. In such circumstances, employees will normally be granted one day's leave with pay. You should already have a predetermined arrangement with that colleague way before you need to be absent, so you can just call on that favor when you need it. These events are undertaken by an employee as part of their normal working day and will be paid. Most employees are entitled to personal emergency leave in cases of injury, illness, and certain other emergencies. Extensions of time limits must be in agreement with both the manager and the employee and the manager must make a written record of the agreement.

Subject: Leave Application for Urgent Piece of Work Respected Sir, This is to inform you that I’m in need of a leave for a day as I’ve severely indulged into some sort of urgent work at my home.

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Best check with MOM. But once collected, it can be used with immediate effect. I just realized that I need to apply OEC for her, so that she can come back smoothly after her leave. Can I apply for this OEC myself?

Otherwise, we need to get a certified agent to do this. I calculated the cost of DIY: Thanks for the information. After called the maid agency and realised that is too late to let the maid agency to apply for OEC on my behalf.

Thank you very much for the step by step procedure. My understanding is that you need to have at least been an employer of a FDW for two years to apply for the OEC on your own. However heard from other comments that the embassy is willing to accept even if less than two years. I guess you will have to try your luck. Hi rogue Have read through the blog and wonder whether you can give me advice. I ddnt process my OEC because have a schedule.. My FDW is a transfer, so the standard contract has the name of the previous owner, not us.

Any idea if we need to amend the contract, before we can start this whole home leave application process? Really appreciate your detailed post! Hi Winniel, My situation is exactly similar as yours, can you please let me know could you apply DIY when it is less than 2 years of service.

Also which steps you could skip and did you have to renew contract again? My helper has not completed 2 years and wants to go on home leave: What was the total cost you incurred ,please let me know. Could you advise me on my scenario? My helper has work with me for 2 years. I just renew her work permit in jan She will be going back for 2 wks in march Jan , she had gone home for 2 wks too.

For that trip, I applied the home leave thru agency. So now I have the owwa membership dated 20 nov , the std contract verified on 20 nov as well as the certificate of authentication. In this case, can I still use the owwa membership, verified std contract, with the renewed WP to apply for OEC myself? For the pag ibig fund, I had paid once last time.

I need to pay again this time right? Can this be done at embassy? Hi Rogue, thanks for an informative page on OEC. As an update, since I am helping my helper apply for her OEC, is that it is no longer possible to apply for one as a walk-in at the embassy.

Thanks for the update! How to apply home leave? What requirements should I prepared. Whats the first step? Need to pay how many months? Hi, Just to share our experience w you.

It's better if the employer goes down with your helper to help sort out any unexpected requests. No need to get e-appt, it's a waste of time and effort to fill in the online form. We dare not risk getting via email. In our case, we were unaware and almost missed the closing time! It is also impossible to speak to someone at the embassy so be very well prepared about what is required and not waste your effort. Hi Jng, thanks for sharing your experience.

You pretty much summed up the frustration of doing it all by yourself very well. But I thought it was worth the experience and the cost savings. My contract will ends this nov. So,does it means that i should exit at the same date too? My boss is too busy to answer me. Hi Jean, when you have to exit is an agreement between you and your employer.

All I know is that you will need to exit Singapore within 7 days from the expiry of your work permit. What was different from what I read here. Have to make appointment online now, through here: I only know about this one day before going to the Phil embassy. But I went anyway, and the counter 1 staff told me to make the online appt then return to collect OEC at a later date.

But he did helped me process the OEC as I told him the dates available are all too late, about 3 plus weeks away and my helper leaves for Phil in 1. Suggest to get the OEC online date first, before doing the rest of the steps.

Can only be done at Lucky Plaza now. Counter 1 staff told me cannot pay at the Embassy now. So I actually made a trip to Lucky Plaza on the day of collecting the authenticated documents 1 week after application.

Get the helper to do it themselves, during their off days. Does it depend on who I go to? I wore shorts ladies dressy type of shorts and slippers so happens my shoe broke and I had a pair of spare slippers with me and they refused me entry.

Guard told me to go Orchard Road and get a scarf of skirt, but that was 9plus in the morning! Fortunately, I have a shawl in my bag too, so guard told me to wrap with the shawl and they let me in. It was a lucky day for me! I was well prepared! It took me less than 1 hour to get all the required stuff done. Raymond from the Embassy was really helpful.

It was my first DIY and he actually helped me a lot, allowing me to skip the OEC procedure and gave me clear instructions on where to go and what to do. If we get all the documents ready, may I know we need to go to the Philippine Embassy for how many times in order to get the OEC? Currently working to my employer for more than 2 yrs. My first contract is with here only..

What to do have a new contract? My employer can do it?. Or is the agent holding on to it? Hi i just want to know the complete requirements for applying my home leave…im going back home next month to philippines and i want to do it there please. I want to go home as soon as possible bcoz my husband was died and i stay 3 day only on the philippines. Thanks for the detailed and helpful website. I would like to know regarding the renewal of contract. When I hire my domestic helper through an agent, the agreed salary is lower than the minimum wages of USD My helper knows and understand clearly.

Over these 2 years, I had increased her salary twice but it is still a littler lesser than the minimum wages of USD What should I do when I renew her contract in the embassy?

Will the embassy disallow me to renew the contract? You mention something about preparing two different contract. What does that mean? So by not able to update all this date,i always had this error on the flight schedule.

It keep prompting me that there is a need to renew the passport because it has less than 6 months validity but in true the passport valid till Can i check its not a must to apply for OEC appointment online right? BTW i do purchase the insurance,performance bond and have the work permit renew already. I am working for my my employer for almost 1 year. I have to take my short vaccation and ask me to do my Home leave papers.

Can a Domestic helper process the papers alone or must have agent to process it since my contract is not over yet? Just to share that the letter of undertaking by employer is now subsumed under the standard employment contract which is available on the Philippines Embassy website. Can I get without an appointment?

Thank you so much!!!! I need some advice, can I possibly take home leave this month, my passport expires on Jan 1. My passport renewal is on appointment.

Got my new work permit and ntuc. Just finished contract last May. I am a first time employer employing a Philippines maid for my Mum. She has worked about 6 months and now she complained of back pain. Brought her to see 1 doctors but she said medicine no help here and wants to go home to rest. Should I let her take a break?

What should I do? Should I return her to the agency? Bring Me There Learning life lessons on-the-job. At the guard house, obtain a queue number for document verification Have your documents Form 1 and 2 above , insurance, photocopies of Work Permit, Passport and Employer NRIC authenticated and verified.

Officer will give you a slip of paper confirming the acceptance of your documents and application. Wait about 15 minutes for application to be completed on the spot. This has to be kept there for proof of membership. Head back to guard house to obtain a queue number for OEC application. Show slip as proof. As there is a perpetual queue, the queue numbers are given out during a window period of 1 — 1. But I guess even if you miss it, you can still somehow wriggle your way through the haphazard queue system.

All the elaborate processes above just to get your OEC… Return a week later to collect your notarised Certificate. September 11th at 1: September 12th at 2: September 17th at September 17th at 4: Hi Coco, Answers to your questions to the best of knowledge — 1.

September 19th at 4: September 21st at 4: September 22nd at Hi Doris, Initially I contemplated getting myself a new maid so I went round to several agencies to enquire. September 25th at 1: September 26th at Hi Coco, The minimum time required is 2. However if you have the time, by all means you can start applying for it already. October 1st at 5: October 2nd at 5: Hi, My maid intends to go for home leave when her WP expires on 23 nov. October 6th at 8: Hi Celine, If you start to make the necessary applications concurrently, you should be able to make it in time.

Notarise new employment contract and apply for OEC after collection of new work permit — 1 week So in total you should need about a month to complete everything including the waiting time for processing etc.

October 17th at 2: Hi Rogue, Thanks for you advise. October 24th at October 22nd at 3: Hi Rogue Thank you for your sharing. October 25th at 2: October 27th at 3: October 27th at Thanks a lot Cheers. October 29th at 5: November 9th at November 9th at 4: HI Rougue, I read somewhere under comments that home leave can be applied at lucky plaza?

November 9th at 7: Hi Alvina, I had difficulty locating the shop in Lucky Plaza as well. November 14th at Hi Rogue, Thank you for posting the information and your sharing. November 15th at 7: November 28th at 7: December 1st at 7: December 16th at 9: December 17th at Hi Jasmine, You need minimally a month to get all the paperwork done including buying insurance, booking flight back, renewing work permit if required and applying for the OEC. December 29th at Hi Rogue I regret not reading these information given by you earlier.

FYI, her contract has just been renewed in Oct December 31st at 3: Passport and work permit You will be able to get the OEC on the spot if you have all the above documents. December 31st at Hi BabaBlackSheep, coincidentally there is an earlier comment with the same situation as you. I can think of a few possible paths — 1. I am not sure how long this might take though 3. Check with Philippines embassy on what help they can provide — you might want to check out this path first 4.

January 13th at January 15th at 8: Remember to factor in number of days your helper will be away on home leave. February 5th at 2: February 6th at 8: March 2nd at 1: March 5th at 3: Hi Aries, Since you would have settled the Work Permit, insurance etc.

March 4th at 6: March 5th at March 5th at 4: Hi Jaime, glad I could help. March 5th at 7: Hi, may I know does indonesia maid need to applg home leave?

How much they charge? March 7th at March 15th at 7: March 17th at 1: March 15th at 1: Hi Melly, You only need the OEC if your helper is going back to her home country and needs it to return back here for continued employment. April 30th at May 12th at 3: May 15th at May 19th at 2: Hi Rogue We are planning to process the fdw application this month for the first time and we are not going for an agency. June 2nd at May 23rd at 6: May 29th at Hi Rogue, My maid has been working with us over 2 years, I renewed her contract 3 month ago.

Hi Rogue, I renewed my maid contract this January. June 11th at August 9th at June 22nd at 7: June 22nd at Dear Rogue, Good morning to u, what u are doing is really helpful, thank you.

Can u also please tell me what is Pag Ibig membership? June 26th at 7: June 28th at 4: August 29th at 2: Hi, Can i check for Maid home leave.. Thanks for your advise…. October 12th at 5: October 1st at 8: Dear Rogue Thank you very much for the info — it has been very helpful. May I trouble you to advise on the following too: Do you think we can make it if I book her ticket back for 21Dec ie she leaves for home on 21Dec?

Thank u for your help. October 29th at 1: Likewise, her insurance has not expired yet, so I do not need to do step 4 renew insurance? October 31st at 5: Hi Rogue, Thanks for the information. Thanks and regards Sam. Hi Rogue, Thanks for the above info. Thanks and regards, Sam. November 7th at November 18th at 1: November 22nd at November 21st at December 4th at January 17th at February 11th at February 12th at March 10th at March 17th at 9: I'll be there in half an hour.

Don't try to make up a dumb excuse that you believe will sound semi-plausible. Just get ready as quickly as possible and get your butt to work. Don't speed, endangering the lives of innocent others. You'll probably want to give up your daily morning visit to Starbucks on the way.

When you arrive at the office, there is no need to make a big announcement to everyone about why you were late. Honestly, your co-workers don't really care. Just have a seat and start your day. So here's a list of foolproof excuses that you can make while running late for work. However, getting late to work too often is not a great idea! Every boss appreciates a punctual and sincere employee!

But just in case, go ahead.. I hope my mates at Qustn where I work don't see this everrr! This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. What do you do when you oversleep for work?

Download the employee handbook and streamline your workplace. Develop, teach, and inform your new hires about your company culture and workplace. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Having read the above answer, I am struck with how lucky most of the people replying are.

And I have my own procedure that I have adopted for what I consider good reasons. I am not so lucky. I am a working class guy, though a very well-paid one. I wear a name tag while on duty, and I work for a major national passenger railroad. If I am late to work--which rarely happens--There is hell to pay. The last time I was late, I overslept but was on the road 25 minutes later than usual.

I might have been okay, as I give myself 2 hours, but there were two separate traffic snarls, each complete with fire trucks, ambulances, etc. I called my boss and told him that I was going to be late and that the process of counting my stock and preparing my POS would have to be done before I came in.

I should add that they pay a person to stand by for just such situations. I ended up coming in 45 minutes late. Mind you, I let my boss know an hour before my report time, and let him and the team know that the process could begin without me. But when I go there, I signed in and found that nothing had been done. I went out to my train to count my stock to find that the standby person had only begun the count because our vendor had only just arrived with the food.

In short, if I had been on time I would have spent 45 minutes twiddling my thumbs waiting for a delivery that should have arrived before me. Nobody was inconvenienced by my lateness, and in fact I was better prepared than usual. So no harm was done. A couple of weeks later I was suspended for a week for my lateness.

This means I was deprived of a chance to earn half a paycheck. I am still, two month later, trying to catch up on some of my bills. The really creepy thing was that they wanted to suspend me for two weeks and they would have if not for my union representative's good work. So my new approach? If I know I am going to be late, I call our crew management number and mark off. If I don't do that too often, I can't get in trouble, according to national policy. I have already seen what doing the "responsible thing" will get me--and I say the hell with it.

Thank you for your feedback! Hire the top 10 software developers. Start Now at toptal. What reason can you give for taking leave from work if you do not want to give the real reason?

How do I avoid oversleeping?

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Leave Application for Urgent Piece of Work from Office Leave Application for Urgent Piece Of Work. Mr. Clark, HR Manager, Stars Group of Co. Ltd. With due respect I want to state that I have an urgent piece of work at home therefore I cannot attend the office for tomorrow. Sample of a Personal Work Leave Letter #1 Harry Stewart James Prospect Ave, Leave Application for an urgent piece of work 3. Dear sir, I am writing this leave application in regards to an urgent work at home, for which I will not be able to attend office over the next two days. Kindly grant me leaves for the 8th and 9th of February. Work from Home Being a Travel Agent. CUSTOM CHARTING. Bootstrap is a frontend framework of Twitter, Inc. We provide primary and urgent care. Because we charge by the job, you leave for urgent work at home never pay for slow or lazy technicians.. SecretaryGeneral.