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How about the gifts? It sounded too good to be true but I was tempted to try it out. Even if one could play the game freely, there is no guarantee that the game is stable or fun enough to be enjoyable. Assume your favorite gaming position, controller — or keyboard — in hand, and prepare to start making money as a gamer. Alert me to jobs like these. Game testing is normally a full-time job with expectation of regular overtime, but many employees are usually hired as temps and the length of employment varies. Did that confuse you?

Online Video Game Tester Jobs Benefits: No Boss, No Noisy Alarm Clocks, and Definitely No Schedules! You make your own decisions. There are no unrealistic .

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If you can’t put down the controller but still want to level up your bank account, these three work-from-home gaming jobs will pay you to play video games. Find freelance Game Testing work on Upwork. 20 Game Testing online jobs are available. Unlike some of the other online methods mentioned here on Work From Home Watchdog, video game tester jobs generally require a greater time investment. However, the financial and pleasure rewards can make it very worthwhile.