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Work From Home: Web Designer

How to Design With Accessibility in Mind. Then, make a list of things you think should be improved. Of course, you will need a preferred method of payment for your services. Compare the job duties, education, job growth, and pay of web developers with similar occupations. What you want to achieve also depends on what you want to focus on. The frame work is based on three parts:

Looking for a Nossta rockstar front-end web designer & developer. Web design color-competency. Visual Communications, Web Development, and Marketing Be the first to see new Web Designer Work From Home jobs. My email: Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. Company with Web Designer Work From Home jobs.

What They Do

The version of Photoshop you use depends on your personal preference; you don't need to have the most recent version in order to be competitive in your market. The reason why coding knowledge isn't needed is that, in many cases, web designers are not the same thing as website coders. You, the designer, may only be required to provide a layered. PSD file the format that Photoshop saves in, by default and someone else will be assigned to code it.

If you do happen to have coding knowledge, that just makes you all the more valuable as a designer. These three aspects, the first two, especially, are important to remember when designing websites.

The point isn't to show off your skill at throwing together very complicated code, the point is to create a website which is useful and easily used by visitors. A great example of this is Google, one of if not the single most popular website in existence. They spice things up for holidays with fun artwork of the word 'Google,' but otherwise, the website is about as basic as it gets - and it's all the more popular for it. Of course, the most important thing is that your client is happy.

If your client wants a website with hot pink text and animated images of dancing aliens, by all means give it to them. Whoever hires you for a design is the person you should be working to please. As you find work, you should always keep copies of every website you design. Put these in an online portfolio for easy viewing by anyone who might want to utilize your services.

If you can't seem to find any work to start your portfolio off, you can build a website of your own which you should do anyway, at some point. She is a 30 something mom, wife and web designer from Gainesville Georgia. I specialize in custom blog design and small business design built on WordPress. I started an online deal site in early and quickly turned it into a profitable business that I ran for three years. In early I decided to sell and indulge in my other passion… website design work and Pixel Me Designs was born.

What is your work from home job and how did you get started? I have been a website designer since I first started in the entrepreneur field in when I was laid off from my office job and needed to take care of my ailing grandmother full time.

I had run a part time deal blog in that time frame and decided to take a chance and go at it full time. It was through that where I found my true passion. In my daughter was due to be born and we decided that was a great time to take a chance, sell my blog, and start designing full time this was a huge leap of faith for us with a newborn on the way.

Thankfully it has prospered beyond my wildest dreams thanks to many amazing clients and has been a true blessing.

It has also allowed me to spend the first two years with my daughter, something I never saw us being able to do and most mothers are not able to do, I am immensely grateful for that! Is this job full-time, or part time? How many hours a week would you say you spend working?

I work early mornings, all day and late at night after bedtime. Though I do make sure to take weekends off to spend family time with no distractions.

How do you find time to work with your other everyday obligations? I was spending sun up to sun down trying to balance a business, work, clients, being a mom, wife and somehow have me time in there. After choosing to put my daughter into daycare full time I felt organized again. What is your favorite part about working from home? I have the ability to work my hours around and take the morning off if I choose and work that night or vice versa. Though I feel like I work from sun up to sun down there is still a lot of flexibility there.

That and, as mentioned above, being able to spend those years with my daughter. Did you need any training or experience for this position? I received no training, I am completely self taught. I am a curious person in general, I want to know how to do things.. My income now has allowed us to pay off debt we were once drowning in, we were ready to file bankruptcy four years ago and now we are almost debt free and bringing in more income than we ever did before.

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Work Environment

Welcome to the Web Design remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! Work at home with limited travel. Sep Senior Product Manager, Chorus. Full-Time Telecommute Job. Lead projects on a platform, gather/synthesize user research, and design executable plans. Option for telecommuting. According to, the median income for a web designer is over $70, per year, with a range from $50, to nearly $,The combination of high demand and lucrative income potential makes web design a popular home business idea. Educational requirements for web developers vary with the setting they work in and the type of work they do. Requirements range from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. An associate’s degree in web design or related field is the most common training: None.