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The information provided is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. You have to get up far earlier in the morning You have to go to sleep far earlier at night. What is the furthest one should commute to work every day? These employees have been "engaged to wait. Twenty to thirty minutes may be just enough time to unwind.

Nov 15,  · I am a recent college graduate in HIM and I have been offered a job that is an hour and 15 min away from my home. There are no opening in my town and I am doing a job that has nothing to do with my degree. I do not want to move. drive around an hour each way to work and have been doing it for over 10 years. Where I leave .

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If you are married, tell her to deal with it. Each week you work, you basically would be sitting in a car for a full day. Related Questions Am i the only one that keeps their horse around mins away from home?

Gym or working out HOme? I am planning on joining the military to get away from home, right decision? Answer Questions Is fate really real? Is a full time secretary of a club allowed to hold a directorship outside of the club? If I quit my horrible job and not inform universal credit about it, could I get into trouble?

That point on average seems to be between 20 and 30 minutes. I was inspired to look into this further after seeing an article by Charlie Gardner over at his blog, The Old Urbanist. Gardner had mined the American Community Survey for average commute times in major metropolitan areas.

They ranged from a low of But before we ask why commute times hover in a tight band, perhaps we need to ask why people commute so far in the first place. Why not work next door? Well, in this case your hunch is probably correct.

An older study by Martin Wachs and his colleagues at UCLA found, unsurprisingly, that people choose where to live not just based on commute times but also neighborhood characteristics, schools, and safety. Now we can move on to the more curious question, why commutes tend to average minutes.

In the Netherlands, the average commute time in the early s was about 28 minutes. Many European nations average about 35 minutes. What makes a half-hour so universal in terms of commuting? Average commute times in were around 22 minutes. To increase an average by that amount, some commutes had to grow significantly to counter those that shrunk or remained the same.

Now, keep in mind there is a lot of variation about those averages. Some people travel 2 minutes to work, others well over an hour. But on average, they have increased. Job growth is requisite to economic growth, and vice versa. As metro areas add more jobs, those jobs tend to be concentrated in business districts after all, not everyone can work out of their homes. And as business districts fill up, commute times lengthen because the roads leading there become more congested.

Check out these summaries of recent court decisions on commuting to get a more nuanced view of the factors that courts are considering when determining whether or not commuting time must be paid:. New York Firefighters Commute Time. Oil Field Workers Commute Time.

Cable Installers Commute Time. Any time that an employee spends driving during their work day is considered compensable time. For example, an electrician reports to the shop at 8am for a safety meeting, receives job instructions and spends the rest of the day driving to different jobs.

He returns to the shop at 5pm to drop off materials, speak with his supervisor, and turn in his time sheet. All of the time he spent driving during the day between 8am and 5pm must be paid. If an employee always works at the same worksite and one day is asked to report to a different worksite then the employer must compensate the employee for the additional commute time.

If an employee is required to spend the night away from his home, the employer must pay for any travel time during the regular work day of the employee.

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Would you consider a one hour commute to work each way by train, 2 days a week a small price to pay to live in your dream home (or close to it)? you are at LEAST one hour away; The issues with being away from home in case of a family emergency remain the same - If you have a spouse or child in a hospital at or around your home . Feb 26,  · Baby you're the boss at home You don't gotta go to work But you gotta put in work You don't gotta go to work Let my body do the work We can work from home Work from Home; Artist. I work an hour away from home and am gone from the hours of 7am-4pm. I have a Boston Terrier and a year old Yorkie - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist.