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Also I really like that I can work for 5 companies at once and always have a variety of things to work on and always stay interested in my work. Could you elaborate a little bit about how you freelance as an ME? So, need someone to reverse the model and split it into multiple parts for making permanent silicon mold. I want it the same as in the pic and the link to I what to be designed but using steam. Jun 18, 3. It's calculation for reactions, displacement and stresses in frame constructions.

Find freelance Mechanical Engineering work on Upwork. 52 Mechanical Engineering online jobs are available. Skip to main content. Upwork Close navigation. Submit search Switch search source. How it works 3D Design 3D Modeling Mechanical Design Mechanical Engineering Product Design 1 more.

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Thank you for reading. I want to write a CDR for mechanical engineering words I want a mechanical project to be written in the apparel industry. I need the following work in it: Modelling and simulation of the plane-symmetric 6-revolute Bricard Linkage in Simulink.

Plotting graphical representation of the trajectory motion behavior of the plane-symmetric 6-revolute Bricard Linkage obtained from the analysis. Animation of the closure mechanism. Hi, i have an iot device that is built with an esp that i had a freelancer develop it for me.

I have it working with an app and showing me data. I'm looking to upgrade it and make it custom with an idea i have for it. I am working on a project I need to have it simulated using OpenFOAM software, I would like to have your assistance on the simulation two cases , please see the attached file for the cases introduction.

The mesh file has to be compatible with ansys fluent for validation as I will preform the analysis with this soft I want it the same as in the pic and the link to I what to be designed but using steam.

I require a provider with suitable thermal calculation software to provide u-value calcs suitable for the UK. There are a number of software available; JPA is one such software. Provider must be able to ensure the materials used within wall makeup have the correct thermal resistance values.

Will be ongoing requirements for the right provider. Price per calculation please. The simulation should contain an entire logic for order placement and AGV control. In addition some further factors for the evaluation would have to be considered. I will provide you with more information via PM. We have a patented impact absorbing device for use in helmets, shoes, etc. These structures work together during Comsol expert needed to work on a 3d model.

Design PCB board which would be controlled thru app and usb. We are the engineering consulting company looking for FEA specialist for a basic project. It's calculation for reactions, displacement and stresses in frame constructions. All material properties will be specified by chat and emails. Loads and boundary conditions according to pictures. Supplied files will be in Parasolid formats. Office space is in Atlantic City NJ.

I need a sketchbook of several models of scaffolding tanks, buildings, towers and etc. This book should contain at least 20 templates. Please only submit a proposal if you have this sketchbook ready. I have some work related to simulation, I will share details in chat with selected person.

All Class of LPS. I need help to calculate lift and other stress forces for a coaxial rotor setup for a small scale RC helicopter design. Will share more info when engaged.

I need to analyze front and rear suspension for designing an innovative bike. Need 10 to 12 hours urgent support. I will be hiring three freelancers so that we can divide the work. You may attach any work done in Dynamics of a systems to support your capability. I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have very basic aerospace maths short assignments to do but because of my busy schedule I am unable to fulfil them.

Will you be able to assist? I have about 6 very short assignments and will like to probably charge 15 USD per piece. Maybe u can have a look at it? The task of the project is modeling, analysis, control end implementation on Mathlab of a reaction wheel pendulum system.

I am looking for a solid Autocad drafter for on-going projects. Most projects will be revising already existing drawings. Templates and instructions will be provided for each assignment. An NDA will be required. Carry out civil, electrical and mechanical designs for attached buildings.

See attachments for detailed instructions submission requirements. I have gates design that I want someone to design a dxf file so that I can cut using cnc machine laser or plasma a standard door gate dimension metal plate below is the design 3feet by 6 feet. Thermodynamic branch of phaysical the deals with relationship between heat and other form of energy.

I need a product which can control multiple speakers with switches connected in the board.. People who can make this will be provided with all the needed equipments..

Electric drill gear solid work more details in chat. This quarter's Freelancer Fast 50 reports on how millennials are changing the world. To help explain his concept, Andrew hired a freelancer to create an explainer video and more. A breakdown of 19 mechanical properties to help you identify the best materials for your design project.

Jun 19, 6. Jun 19, 7. I don't think you're going to be able to find anything quite like you're looking for since you don't appear to have any drive to look for yourself and therefore probably aren't interested in starting your own company. The closest option might be contract engineering positions, but those are typically filled through companies which specialize in temp contract workforces.

They aren't typically work from home, and won't be possible without lots of experience and probably some kind of certification to prove you know what you're doing. Jun 19, 8. You can't be a mechanical engineer and work from home unless you have many years experience, a professional license, and you work as a contracted consultant.

If you want to be an engineer, you will need to leave your home. Jun 19, 9. Jun 19, Topher , Jun 19, Jun 28, The only one I really know of is nuclear plant design. Westinghouse pushes their M.

Certified engineers aren't going to get paid more if a cert is not required. On the work from home deal As everyone before me said, you need experience to get moonlighting jobs.

You can only make contacts in your career if you go out and contact people. Do a good job, and they will remember you and call on you later. TokerM , Jun 28, I probably should have been a bit clearer there. My company is in a couple areas, mostly we do heavy press mfg. As for the pay aspect. If the company is structured that cert engineers are preferred to non-certs, pay will be higher, but in my market, adding you have a cert to your resume gets you the same treatment as putting that you were an Eagle Scout.

Sorry to break it to the OP, but you'll need to do your time in the trenches like the rest of us! I had once heard that in order to use the name "Engineering" in the company name, you had to have a PE on staff, but I really don't know how true that is.

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Work at Home (1) Mechanical Engineering jobs nationwide; Company. OSIsoft (5) Foliage (4) Nidec Motor Corporation (3) Provide feedback to design / engineering during phase gate reviews Be the first to see new Mechanical Engineering jobs in Home Based. My email. Find mechanical design work from home now. We have 24 ads from 53 sites for mechanical design work from home, under home worker. Jun 29,  · You can't be a mechanical engineer and work from home unless you have many years experience, a professional license, and you work as a contracted consultant. Recruiting firms do not generally deal with these people, as these folks usually have .