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The Advantages of Piece Work From Home!

Also get an email with jobs recommended just for me. By janet from McKinney, TX. Willingness to learn, take direction and follow safe work procedures I have succeeded in my craft. Upload your resume - Let employers find you. Sorry to hear it. It offers the flexibility to make money from several sources in a variety of interesting ways and usually involves the internet in one way or the other.

Home assembly jobs were traditionally carried out as piece work and still exist as a genuine work at home job to a limited extent. The problem for most beginners in this area is telling the real piecework jobs from the 'assembling crafts at home' scams which abound in this area.

In order to continue browsing jobs, please complete the security check.

I'm sure this is a problem that other members of Thrifty Fun who are in the acting field have faced or are facing. I'm not a dreamer. I have succeeded in my craft. I've done stage, film, and television, but despite popular belief we don't all make as much as Tom Cruise. Any feedback from actors or non-actors with incite?

I am a musician and understand this plight. You can't count on gigs coming through like a hour week. Physical work can always be had if you market yourself--painting, cleaning house, helping someone pack up to move.

Sign up for survey groups in your area. They are always cash-on-the-spot. I don't act but have friends who work with "Renaissance festivals" 4. All of us who are artists are basically happy just to be able to be available to work our craft when those jobs come up and they always tend to come up at the spur of a moment! I've found that good friends who believe in my work are the BEST when it comes to finding work for me--they know I have no qualms about getting sweaty and dirty.

They also know I am not in this business expecting to be rich or famous. I just want to be able to pay the bills and continue creating. My husband and I are musical entertainers, and we have recently started working part-time for a homestaffing company, as companions to the elderly. They are willing to work around our schedule, and we can choose the shifts we want to work.

The pay is not great, but it's extra money when we need it most. Best of all, we don't have to "bring the job home" or do any intense planning. We like the arrangement! Good luck with your career.

Your great attitude should take you far. I love to see fellow entertainers online! As stand-up comedienne, I made more money in an hour than my father the doctor! Look into different categories in show biz. I know of musicians who make arrangements for high school band.

They do very well. My brother is a composer, but he also helps develop music software. My husband is an artist, but we also have an antiques store. He sells his art there. How about free lance writing? By working in the outskirts of your craft, you can make more money and still make connections.

I worked for a temp service for years and really enjoyed it. I told them up front that I would be going to auditions. If you give them your best, they will be more wiling to let you off for auditions. They even named me employee of the year! It might give me some ideas for resources. Meanwhile, check out http: Have you thought about joining Avon? Lots of men offer it!

No set hours, no inventory to keep, no meetings to attend, no quotas. It's something to consider. Dear Victor, I thought about your situation over night. I had some more ideas. My precious uncle died recently. He also took up photography.

He knew I would be the one to truly appreciate them. Maybe you could go back to community college and study photography and set up a studio in your home taking headshots. You never know whom you might photograph. Also, these actors may let you in on auditions that your agent never told you about. Our wedding florist worked out of his house. He sectioned off his dining room, which he had turned into an office.

I never saw his living quarters. It looked very professional and he did a wonderful job. Ever thought about studying horticulture? Do you have any other interests or hobbies? Maybe you could take some courses in accounting and be a bookkeeper at home. Peter Bogdonovich started out writing movie reviews before he became a director. You can do it! Has anyone tried this thing called "virtual assistants"?

It's suppose to be a website where you can look for "work at home" jobs. I am trying to find out if they are legitimate. From the looks of their website, it looks authentic. By karen from Charleston, SC. I would not send any body money to help find you a job. You can do it with out sending them money, good luck. Which Virtual Assistants website is it? There are a few online and most do look legit.

If you'll share the link I'll be happy to do a bit of investigation. I have also looked for Work for Home jobs on the internet for years now without any luck so far. They all either want cash to get you started or they ask that you purchase merchandise up front that they will reimburse you for. Let me know if you have any luck because I could really use the income.

Be careful what you sign up for because there are a lot of scams out there just waiting to take your cash. This looks like a valid work-at-home site: It doesn't require any money up-front and they pay you for training.

I hope this works out for you! I need legitimate work from home: Has anyone checked out Preston Lord Ent.? Is this a legitimate work from home opportunity? I am looking to earn some extra money, does anyone know of any legitimate companies that give out piece work which I can do at home? I am not looking for sewing as I don't sew. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In a recent post about extra income, a guest poster named Alica said "I'm not sure what area you live in, but I live in the Midwest, where we have LOTS of rivers and lakes and fishing is quite popular.

I work at home for a fly company spooling their fly thread, it's just part-time. Add to Guide Ask a Question. Solutions Share on ThriftyFun This guide contains the following solutions.

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If they are legitimate, they should have no problems with speaking to you and giving you more information. The main difference between 'homeworking' and 'teleworking' is that teleworkers, who may work full-time from home, are usually doing office work rather than practical work. As part of their day-to-day duties, they often make use of computers and other electronic devices to do their work and communicate directly with their office.

Some teleworkers spend part of their week working in the office and part working at home. As with homeworking, your rights will depend on your employment status. If you are an 'employee', for example, you will have the same rights as any other 'employee'. Data security may be at risk if you use a personal computer, so your employer may provide you with one. Speak to your employer. The law says employers must consider requests from parents of young or disabled children and there's often a good case for allowing employees to vary their work patterns.

However, unless it says so in your contract, your employer doesn't have to agree. Unless your contract says you're required to work from home, your employer can't make you. Please note that your contract may be partly in writing and partly verbal.

Your working hours should be set out in your contract and mustn't exceed the limits set out in the Working Time Regulations. You can contact the LRA on from 9. Citizens Advice Northern Ireland can provide free and impartial advice. If you are a member of a trade union , you can get help, advice and support from them. Would you like to leave feedback about this page? Send us your feedback. Working from home and piece work Homeworkers have their jobs usually practical work based in their home.

Homeworking A homeworker is anyone who only works from home. Employment rights As a homeworker, your employment rights depend on your legal status. There are three main categories: Health and safety If you're an employee working from home, your employer must make sure you're safe.

Homeworkers must be careful when: Employees' health and safety responsibilities Working when pregnant Bogus job offers Some adverts for homeworking jobs are scams. Common scams involve adverts:

Envelope Stuffing and Addressing

37, Piece Work jobs available on Apply to Freelance Writer, Reservation Agent, Blogger and more! Search CareerBuilder for Piecework Jobs and browse our platform. Apply now for jobs that are hiring near you. We need mechanically-inclined individuals to fill our part time Home Depot Product Assembler j equipment, and anything else that a store might request. ARE YOU THE PERSON WE ARE LOOKING FOR? What we offer you: Piece work rate. Piecework, particularly when done from home, may have no set time frame for completion, making it a very flexible work option. Some jobs may have hourly or daily quotas. Piecework has been used in manufacturing goods, but it can also be used in jobs with non-tangible work outputs, such as data entry or .