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Home Based Candle Making Jobs Available with Buy Back.

His exuberance over making the big time was not to last, however, because Denny soon discovered that the big stores simply wouldn't reorder his product on their own. Next e-tuitions are also another alternative Posted by Alexander , 2 days ago. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. If you happen to come up with a color you like but which doesn't move, save the candles and try them again later.

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Three Important Steps to Selling Candles

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Post your Learning Need Signup as a Tutor. PhD Bannerughatta , Bangalore , India - Please describe the problem that you see in this page. Overview I have trained hundreds of students in terracotta jewellery making, natural soap making, candle making and fancy jewellery making in the past couple of years.

Online courses are also available for most of the classes. U get complete training in the class and all details on procuring of raw materials. Languages Spoken English, Hindi. Address Off bannerghatta road Bannerughatta , Bangalore , India - Courses in Candle Making Classes. Designer candle making classes Mumbai 28 Students interested. Reviews 16 this is test message this is test message this is test message this is test message this is test message this is test message this is test message 5.

Have you attended the class of Soma? Courses in Jewellery Making Classes. Polymer clay jewelry workshop bangalore Mumbai 7 Students interested. Swetha Biradar Kothanur, Bangalore. Shashikala Manjunatha Kamakshipalya, Bangalore. Soma D Bommanahalli, Bangalore. Designtwok Kavi Kodambakkam, Chennai. Moulis Creations Vijayanagar, Bangalore.

Or sign in with facebook. Your reply has been successfully submitted. Please enter your full name. Please enter institute name. Please enter your email address. Please enter a pincode or area name. And you know what? Now a twelve-inch candle like I make takes two pounds of wax and I certainly don't mind absorbing the extra two cents per candle.

Some, with no more overhead than I have, boosted prices any where from fifty cents to a dollar and wanted me to do the same. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't believe in that sort of thing. But I'll tell you.

I make a lot of candles and I sell them cheap. Indeed he does sell a lot of candles. Denny has just moved into a new home with a big basement in which he figures he'll have no difficulty making a thousand candles a week, by himself. The candles come in varying shapes, sixteen different decorator color combinations and a multitude of scents.

At that price he has no difficulty selling a thousand candles a day. Actually, Denny doesn't need all the help he hires for one of these days but, as he puts it, "When you're trying to live your life the way you want to, it can sometimes get difficult financially.

This way I help my friends as they help me and they don't have to feel obligated. It sure does help those friends, Denny. Ask me and I'll tell you! Besides, putting in a day selling candles for Dennis is more fun than work. It's hard to explain but Denny says it this way, "It's really strange and kind of fun selling so cheap. If you have a wide variety of shapes and colors on display and the price is right, there's almost sure to be a candle that any given person will like.

Often, people may just be walking by when they catch a scent—candles have to be scented to sell—or see a color they like. It's as if they're saying, 'My God, I just have to have a candle!

It's almost a guaranteed sale to anyone who's ever had the slightest inkling to buy one. Selling his candles may be fun and games for Denny but, at least occasionally, preparing for those big sale days is not. A lot of hard work goes into that preparation. I'm working eight to ten hours a day, I'm anxious to finish, tired and I miss seeing my friends. Still, it's a good life and I've got no complaints. If you'd like to map out your own version of the good life Denny has found, he says that he feels certain—given reasonable intelligence and ability—that you can do it.

He started without knowing a single thing about making candles and he learned everything he knows about the craft from a book and through experiments as he went along.

It just happened that way for me and I don't believe that the fact I make candles is as important as the fact that I found the right market and the right method of selling. If you're into another craft that you like better, great! I think you could go the same route I've gone, providing you can produce your item in sufficient quantities to make money.

Christmas is coming and it's a big candle season. All you need to start is a small basic stock of consumable supplies wax, wicking, coloring, scents—which are very important—and the, additives that give a candle a better finish and increase its burning time and non-consumables molds and a heating source. Any workable stove will furnish the heat and any old pots work well for melting wax. The choice is yours on molds and—oh, yes—pick up whichever hardback book on candle making you find easiest to comprehend.

If you need the bread, you'll find it's best to stock with decorative candles that you can rapidly duplicate in molds. You'll have to do some experimenting just as I did and still do to discover the best sellers for your area. I sifted through 35 to 40 color combinations some of which looked more like diseases than candles to find these 'best sellers'. Bright colors—especially bright reds and orange—seemed to move the fastest earlier this year and, judging from last winter, I expect browns and the darker colors to sell better and better as Christmas approaches.

Candles that closely reflect the currently-in tints and shades for clothes always seem to sell best. If you happen to come up with a color you like but which doesn't move, save the candles and try them again later.

They may prove to be your big sellers in another season. That's what works for me. So there you have the secrets of Dennis Murphy's success. Asked why he doesn't expand, put on a crew of candlemakers and really blitz the market in a several state area, Denny says, "That may be the way to go for some people.

I personally don't want to keep going higher and higher. If I can make a thousand candles a week by myself for five or six weeks running and then live off the profits for six months or so, I'm happy. The candles I make and sell give me everything I need. My customers are happy, my friends are happy and I'm happy. Dennis Murphy says that his monster candle sales "happen with very little planning" thanks to the one cardinal rule and three steps he always follows.

I like my work, I think it's good, I try not to be greedy and I try to pass my savings on to my customers. You want a market where people come with the intention of buying, not just shopping. The one place you don't want is a flea market. Flea markets have become a place to just walk around and browse in and they are definitely not buyers' markets anymore.

The open air markets at shopping centers, malls and on college campuses are the best places for doing your own selling. If you're doing your own selling, this point is of lesser importance but you'd better make sure you can deliver a good grade of candle on the specified date before you promise a large number to a wholesale customer.

Click on the image gallery link for more photos of the homemade candle making process. It works entirely on your own motivation and also your own circumstance. They earn almost a lakh a month. Personally I am quite happy earning what i do since i recognise my limitations right now. Its intresting what u say but when it comes to selling we need to meet people since we are housewife's we will not know many people to sell products outside.

I think so we can take up the data entry work if we get the right contacts. Does anyone is doing such type of bussiness can help us clearly in this topic. Nice to get in touch with so many like minded moms. Rewati your work sounds interesting but selling products to people does not come easy to all. Buji's survey thing is also good There are also lots of HR recruitment for free lancers that can be done from home where client gives you requirement, you search for candidates over internet, fix interview and follow the process till the candidate gets an offer.

Next e-tuitions are also another alternative BUT these are all ideas In the long run it would definately affect on her studies and over all growth. I'm extremely happy that one of you have initiated this topic. If you ladies get to know of any online data entry kind of a work please let me also know about it. The way it works is this-. Firstly the product consists of a super collection of books, cds, etc.

The procedure for joining up is really simple- U get a person to introduce u. What I really liked about the job is - The money is really good for the kind of time u put in. I started off only on week-ends since I didn't want to leave my kid with a day-care or sitter. In fact since my son just started school in june I wasn't working for half the month till I was convinced he is settled in school. Anitha, There is no qualification required at all except for basic English speaking.

Buji, To answer your question, every person is different- some in fact wud want to start out with seling to their friends, some like me have completley avoided selling to their friends for the reasons u cited. Its been great meeting parents with different ways of bringing up their kids, their philosphies of parenthood How about teaching or volunterring? I gave up my IT career 5 years ago and work with children with Dyslexia.. If you have passion for teaching, you can connect with like minded people based on their background and form a syndicate to conduct tuitions up to 10th Standard.

This is truly a part time job but would start after your kid is back from School only catch. You can do market research jobs which is totally part time and can be done when your kids are in School.

There is nothing to sell and you will collect the feedback and document. Financial Advisor for the medium and low income people. You can educate them on savings, medical and life insurance, education loans etc. You can either work as independent consultant or work for big companies. Online trading, stock markets also a good option.

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