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Piece Work at Home

What is Shipping Pass and how will it make my life easier? The most common ones are envelope stuffing and addressing and assembly or craft work: Deluxe Pull Apart Key Ring. You will also see this noted in checkout. Product - Key Identifier Ring. Magnetic Heavy Duty Pull Apart. Product Title 6" Cable Key Ring.

home assembly Assemble CD Cases From Home With the economy getting tougher and tougher each day, home assemblers are becoming a valuable commodity to .

Envelope Stuffing and Addressing

Key Tag With Ring. Product - Key Identifier Ring. Product Title Key Identifier Ring. Product - 6" Cable Key Ring. Product Title 6" Cable Key Ring. Product - Oval Key Ring. Product Title Oval Key Ring. Product - Split Key Ring 2In. Already a Shipping Pass member? Free returns online or in-store Not completely satisfied? We've made returning items as easy as possible.

Never worry about minimum orders Order as often as you like all year long. Cancel your subscription any time.

It's free shipping made easy It's your key to free shipping. Use your subscription to unlock millions more items that ship free. Managing your Shipping Pass is easy. Look for Seeing what items qualify for 2-day shipping is easy—they're flagged with the program logo. No Minimum Order Required. Small Quick Link Metal Item: Use alone for holding keys or to hold and attach multiple key rings. Plastic Key Separator Item: Easy One Button Release. Separate an Organize Your Keys.

Made in the USA. Distributor of Key Bak Products. Items sold on this site are NOT intended for children under the age of five. US Only Your cart is empty. Displaying products 1 - 23 of 23 results. Piece work and home assembly scams have worked this way for years - whatever you produce will never be quite good enough to pass 'quality control' so you'll never get paid for it. Our advice if you want to make money with crafts , is to make and sell them yourself.

Check out our crafts page and you'll find some real alternatives to piecework that can help you earn some extra cash. They are not 'get rich quick' schemes but they can help you earn a little extra from your hobby or pastime. If you base your idea for extra income on something you enjoy doing, then it makes life a lot pleasanter!

Make and sell Crafts - Great ideas for things that you can make and sell: If you enjoy working with your hands, it can be hugely satisfying to enjoying making something and get paid for it. This payment may be described as a registration or sign up fee, deposit to show you're serious, a payment to cover the cost of materials or whatever.

The scammers will offer all sorts of guarantees to try and give you peace of mind about where your money's going. Typically, they'll offer guarantees that:. You'll make a load of cash and join the ranks of champagne-guzzling boat-owners like the ones on their website! If the load of cash doesn't materialise for whatever reason, you'll get your money back. In the real world neither is likely to happen but it doesn't stop hundreds of people every day sending money they can't afford to lose to people and companies they've never heard of.

As long as people are desperate to make money by working at home, the rip-off's will continue. If it seems too good to be true then it generally is If you are seeking piece work from home in the UK, you are far more likely to find it by contacting local employers, asking around local businesses or contacting your job centre. It will probably pay minimum wage rather than high earnings but at least you shouldn't lose money on the deal.

If you are still determined to look for paid home work on line, make sure you research the 'opportunity' fully. Google the name of the company or offer and follow it with 'review', 'sucks', or 'scam' - you'll be surprised what this can bring up and it can save you a lot of money and time!

If you do send any money despite what you've read above - be prepared to write it off!

Watch out for scams to avoid

Work At Home Assembly Jobs 9/18/ Type of Work: Assemble Key Chains Payment Description: $ per unit of 60 chains These key chains are made with 2 ply % nylon plastic canvas yarn. They pay $ gross for one unit of sixty key chains. You can earn $ gross. Work Keyrings are individually polybagged when delivered to you with a minimum purchase order of units. Choose from a great range of colours in either a solid finish or translucent colours that will make cheap and useful keyrings in the office or for use at home. Work Keyrings are priced to sell and should fit within your marketing budget. With over different easy to Assemble items such as CD Cases, Wooden Toys, Beaded Jewelry, Hat Magnets, Circuit Boards, Picture Frames, CD Stands, Key Chains and many more Legitimate Work From Home Jobs. Home Assembly jobs have been popular for many years and they offer people a wide variety of opportunities to make Extra Money. Assembly jobs are great for stay at home mothers, disabled .