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How to Sell Health or Dental Insurance From Home

Gerber Life Insurance Company has been providing superior quality life insurance products since ! Ricky Maique - State Farm Agent 8, reviews. Be Proactive is about taking responsibility for your life. Insurance Agent salaries in Work at Home Learn more about working at Broadpath Broadpath questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: Also if using a clearinghouse try dental exchange and also look into NEA. I'd recommend Dentimax as a software to investigate.

Work from home: Insurance sales Contracting with Liveops as an independent work-from-home insurance sales agent is a great opportunity for new or seasoned insurance agents! These are inbound calls converting leads for top insurance companies.

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Establish office hours when you sell insurance from home, as contacts should know when they can reliably get in touch with you. Set aside specific time for checking e-mail and turn off instant messaging, texting, tweet notifications, and any other distractions during sales-call time. Avoid time wasters such as pets, TV, food, online shopping, and checking personal Facebook updates.

Don't try to watch children while working and keep a glass of water nearby -- sometimes when you feel hungry, you're actually thirsty. Close your office door. Yes, you should have one! Make your office area comfortable by investing in a quality chair and a desk of the proper height. Dump your slow, unreliable computer and get the fastest Internet possible to avoid lost sales due to technical issues. Use a headset designed to minimize background noise or provide ambient sound.

Replace a hollow-core door with a solid-core model, and add a rug to absorb sound. You could join the Chamber of Commerce if you sell business lines, or participate in community or nonprofit work. Community involvement helps you meet people who need insurance. Make sure you're busy with quality leads by purchasing qualified insurance leads from a reputable provider.

This is a powerful, efficient and cost-effective approach to reach people who are interested in insurance now and searching online. Working from home eliminates the commute and time-wasting micromanagement of an office setting. Use this liberated time wisely! Don't waste time on idle chit-chat with your prospects. Working from home can be lonely and the urge will be there.

Get people to call you: Request referrals from current clients and online reviews from happy customers, and optimize your website for search engines. Eliminate unlikely prospects early via phone with qualifying questions for your type of insurance. Concentrate on those who truly need insurance now and are ready to buy, rather than those who might need it later. Limit buying of lists, which can be risky.

Pass the health insurance agent licensing examination in your home state to be qualified as an insurance salesperson. Locate the testing sites available in your area. Receive your health and dental sales agent license by paying the required fee and submitting a copy of your examination score to your state insurance department.

Locate a company to appoint you to sell health or dental insurance by contacting several companies and comparing the products and commission offered.

Complete the process required by the company to become a salesperson for the products it offers. Set up a home office in an area dedicated to your insurance sales business. Purchase the equipment needed, such as a computer, fax machine, telephone with additional line and office supplies. Name your business and determine the legal structure of your business, such as sole proprietorship or limited liability company LLC. Use this information to purchase your local business license.

Also, register with your state tax agency and file for the required permits to sell health or dental insurance. Advertise your business and the health or dental products offered. Create a website for your insurance business that provides potential clients with the name of your company, description of services offered and your contact information. Use the local newspaper to run ads and place a business ad in the local telephone book. To effectively sell health and dental insurance, offer diverse products since each customer has unique and individual needs.

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Dental Manager Jobs — We are Hiring

The cost for dental insurance can range up to $ per month for a family plan with some carriers. Although you may get some decent commissions from . eAssist dental billing exists for two reasons. First, to help our client dentists enjoy the practice of dentistry by helping them collect % of what they produce. Secondly, to provide a meaningful career path and the freedom to work from home for Dental Office Managers looking for more security. Selling Delta Dental. In , we started with one client (who is still with us today) and one product. Today, we have three core products with many flexible options, thousands of clients and millions of enrollees.