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Read what others have to say. There is no such thing as a free lunch! Luckily I read about this before I end up in a pit of snakes ready to swallow me alive. I really hope this helps me. Today, the FTC announced that a federal court put a temporary stop to a work-at-home scam that failed to live up to its promises. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Work-From-Home Scam submitted 2 years ago * by zepharoz Here's the story: Was browsing on a job board (I'm from Toronto) and found this job as a bookkeeper so I applied.

Federal Trade Commission

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Getting a bunch of spam is a good thing in a sense that your site is starting to get attention, but it is a bad thing if they all hangout on your site. When the spiders that . In other situations, the "work" they ask you to do from home may actually also be connected with criminal activity – for instance, transferring funds from hacked bank accounts, breaking CAPTCHA codes to allow spammers to post more messages online, spread spam campaigns via social networks etc. For the past two years, my blog has registered 8,+ SPAM comments per day. PER DAY. Bloating my database with that trash slows down my blog in every which way, and recently I decided I was done with it. I was also tired of moderating comments and seeing .